Jun-Prof. Bahar S. Razavi

My research interests

Soil biochemistry
Soil - Plant - Microorganisms interactions:
        Nutrient mobilization 
        Carbon and nutrient fluxes
        Microbial hotspots + hot moments
        Enzyme kinetics and visualization techniques
Effects of Global Change:
        Temperature + warming
        Land use

Education and career

2017 - presentPostdoc, Georg August University Göttingen
2013 - 2016 PhD student, Georg August University Göttingen
2008 - 2012 Environmental supervisor - H&S advisor, ARPA Group, Iran
2008 - 2010 Master degree in Soil Science with specialization in soil physics, Ahwaz, Iran
Thesis: Investigation on seepage line prediction methods for earth dams (case study Karkheh dam)
2003 - 2007 B.S. in Agriculture Engineering- Soil& Environment, Sari, Iran
Project: Investigation on the components of chemical fertilizers and concentration of nutrients in soil

Teaching and Tutoring

Global Change and Soil Fertility
Molecular soil ecology
Extracellular enzymes in soil: (Current knowledge and methods)
Soil Hydrological practicum


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Honours and Awards

2017Prize for the best dissertiation of 2016 (Universitätsbund)
2017Startup funding Award, Georg-August University, Göttingen
2017Excellent PhD thesis and oral exam (summa cum laude)
2016Invited lecturer: Institute of Subtropical Agriculture, CAS, Changsha, China
2016Invited lecturer: Inst. of Geographic Sciences & Natural Resources Research, Beijing
2015Young and promising scientists Award (Rhizo4, conference)
2015Congress travel award donated by Georg-August University, Göttingen
2013-2017 German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), Fellowship
2008University Entrance Examination Ranked 7 (%1 top students)
2007Top student of the department