Dr. Hendrik Hänke has a background in "International Forest Ecosystem Management" from the University of Sustainable Development in Eberswalde and holds a Master Degree in "Ecosystems, Resilience and Governance" from the Stockholm Resilience Centre.
He has extensive experiences in social-ecological field research from Morocco, Burkina Faso, Cameroon and Madagascar.
His PhD dissertation is following a markets for the poor approach (M4P) focussing on agro-economic analyses of innovative farming systems in semi-arid tropical Madagascar with the goal to develop sustainable land use ?action strategies? in the region. His research involves adaptation experiments of innovative farming techniques such as organic fertilizer application, zai, and drought resistant millet, sorghum and mais varieties.
Another focus is a comprehensive, detailed one-year longitudinal study of current land use options, off-farm activities and livelihood strategies. With these data, he will parameterise realistic household production functions that facilitate a dynamic modelling of agronomic household decision-making together with other working groups from the project.