EFForTS presented its research activities at the 4th Night of Science at the University of Göttingen which took place on 26 January 2019.

Themes & activities and people involved:

1. Expositions
- Cultural corner / Jambi, Indonesia (Ella Sujarwo, Amanda Mawan, Edwine Purnama & Mayanda Lia)
- Collection of daily products (food and cosmetics) containing palm oil or rubber
- Forest products (sugar cane, rattan, medicinal, fruits) (Jörg Christiansen)
- Photo gallery from Jambi depicting the work of the EFForTS researchers and students in Jambi and snapshots from the different land-use systems.
- Microscope and pollen slides from honey samples taken from Jambi forest, with observation and tasting (Jörg Christiansen)
- Microscope / the main fungus and bacterial eaters (Dorothee Sandmann, Eckhard Schulz + André Junggebauer)
- Movie about Earthquake and tsunami victims on Sulawesi including official donation box from the University of Göttingen (Fabian Brambach & Nur Edy)

2. Games and quizzes:
- Guessing game / interactive multiple choice quiz representing groups A, B, C (Nina Hennings)
- Memory game (ants, oil palm) (Jochen Drescher)
- Puzzles (ants) (Jochen Drescher)
- Interactive socio-economic questionnaire: „Compare yourself with an average farmer from Indonesia." (Daniel Chrisendo, Arieska Sarwosri & Joost Koks)
- Demonstration of a simplified version of the EFForTS-ABM (Katrin Meyer, Craig Simpkins & Jan Salecker)
- Drawing activity for children on the topic of forests and biodiversity (Clara Zemp)
- Memory game Trees & Flowers from Indonesia (Carina Moura)

4. NdW a
From left to right:
Prof. Dr. Scheu / Speaker of CRC 990, Dr. Bambang Susanto / Consul General of Indonesia (KJRI) in Hamburg, Mrs. Eva Maria Susanto / Spouse of Consul General, Mr. Anat Widagdo / Vice Consul for Information and Social-cultural Affairs (Foto: Ivonne Hein)

4. NdW b
EFForTS Organizing Team: (from left to right)
Amanda Mawan, Greta Formaglio, Arieska Sarwosri, Daniel Chrisendo, Joost Koks, Clara Zemp
In the Background Cultural corner / Jambi, Indonesia (Foto: Ivonne Hein)