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Diversity in the Classroom (A/B)

In Kooperation mit dem Gleichstellungsbüro - Projekt "Gender in die Lehre"

Arbeitseinheiten: 8 AE
Max. Teilnehmerzahl: 14


  • Do, 26.05.2016, 09.00 (s.t.) - 17.00

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Waldweg 26, Raum 3.119 (Trakt I, 3.OG)

In the face on an ongoing internationalization of higher education and struggles towards equity for all students the idea of human diversity takes on particular significance. What do we mean by diversity? Why is diversity important (especially with regards to your own teaching)? And how can institutions of higher education and you, in the framework of your teaching, foster diversity? This workshop addresses these questions, drawing on short presentations, discussions, and exercises. Participants receive an overview of some of the theoretical debates behind key concepts such as diversity, (anti) discrimination, and privilege. They are given opportunities to reflect their own identities and social positions and draft action plans for their institutions and seminars. Participants will thus leave the workshop with concrete ideas and steps to move forward in their teaching in hand. The workshop will be held in English language.

By the end of the workshop participants will

  • Be familiar with key concepts and effective communication
  • Work on a reflective attitude towards their own identities, experience with discrimination, and social privilege
  • Develop strategies for integrating diversity into higher education, especially classroom curricula
  • Hone concrete steps towards implementing a diversity action plan for their own teaching

Short Presentations, exercises, group work, discussions, role play

diversity, intersectionality, (anti)discrimination, privilege, equity, intercultural competence

Dr. Henrike Lehnguth offers workshops in the field of teaching and learning in Higher Education, gender mainstreaming and diversity management. She has lived and worked several years in the United States and holds a PhD in American Studies and a certificate in university teaching from the University of Maryland, College Park. She has taught multiple classes on gender and diversity in the United States and Germany and facilitated a range of workshops on teaching and learning matters in her position as the coordinator of graduate programs at Maryland?s Center for Teaching Excellence and freelance trainer in Germany. Dr. Lehnguth is currently completing additional qualifications in the field of theater- and dance- and movement pedagogy.