GlobalFood Symposium 2017

Göttingen, 28-29 April 2017

The Third GlobalFood Symposium was held on 28-29 April 2017 in Göttingen (Germany). The aim of this Symposium was to discuss new research findings and policy challenges related to the global agri-food system transformation. The two-day event featured plenary sessions, contributed paper sessions, and posters. We were happy to welcome Jenny Aker (USA), Kym Anderson (Australia), Alan de Brauw (USA), Miet Maertens (Belgium), Jill McCluskey (USA), Tom Reardon (USA), Jo Swinnen (Belgium), Maximo Torero (USA), and many more.

The Symposium took place in the historical building of Paulinerkirche in the City Center of Göttingen (Papendiek 14, 37073 Göttingen).

Prior to the conference, several Pre-Symposium Workshops in the Building "Alte Mensa" (Am Wilhelmsplatz, 37073 Göttingen) took place.

For details of the topics discussed during the conference and the Pre-Symposium Workshops, please see the Symposium Program of 2017.