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Agricultural biodiversity and associated services across rural-urban landscapes

Research interests

I am PhD-student and I am currently working on the possible effects of urbanization on biodiversity and ecosystem services with a focus on pollination and biological control.
My thesis is part of the Indian-German research project "FOR2432", which investigates the social-ecological effects of urbanization using the south Indian boom-town Bangalore as an example.

Ever since my first trip to the tropics the fascination for the unbelievable diversity of tropical life has not lost the grip on me and tropical biodiversity, as well as ecology have since become my major scientific interests.
This interest was further strengthened by two extended field trips to Indonesia: The first was during my bachelor thesis, where I tried to quantify the water-use of bananas in a cacao-agroforest in Sulawesi. The second trip was part of my master thesis, where I spent several months in the Sumatran lowlands to investigate the diversity of vascular epiphytes in jungle rubber agroforests.

I have a background in forestry since I studied "Forest science and Forest ecology" both as my master and bachelor program at the University Göttingen. Thus I am naturally interested in topics related to forests but I also look forward to work within an agricultural landscape as part of my PhD-Thesis.