Gastdozentur Diversitätsforschung: Dr. Sara de Jong

Sara de Jong is Guest Professor at the Göttingen Diversity Research Institute and Research Fellow of the Strategic Research Area Citizenship and Governance, and co-lead of the SRA C&G research stream 'Justice, Borders, Rights' at The Open University, UK.
She has held (visiting) fellowships at the International Institute of Social Studies, the Hague and the School of Sociology and Social Policy, University of Leeds, the Jan van Eyck academy and the University of Nottingham.
Before joining the Open University, Sara de Jong obtained a Marie Curie Research Fellowship (EU FP7) with her research project 'Employing the Cultural Broker in the Governance of Migration and Integration' (BrokerInG), at the Department of Development Studies, University of Vienna.

Sara de Jong's main research interests are:

  • Migration and diversity politics
  • NGOs, civil society, global citizenship
  • Postcolonialism
  • Gender and development, critical development theory
  • Feminist theories, gender and ethnicity, intersectionality
  • Qualitative methods

Curriculum Vitae
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