Europe in Crisis? - Interdisciplinary Lecture Series

Interdisciplinary Lecture Series Euroculture WS 2017/18
„Europe in Crisis – Interdisciplinary Perspectives”

The diagnosis that Europe – and/or the European Union – is in crisis is not new. The debate has deep historical roots, as the idea of “Europe”, and the notion of an ever-expanding and ever-deepening political union have been called into question for decades. However, current trends and make the diagnosis even more pertinent. Recent economic and financial crises have shown that Europe is socially and economically extremely disparate. Politically, the legitimacy of the whole European Union as a project is challenged by the Brexit and, again, the rise of nationalism and populism. Culturally, the question in how far ideas of a “European identity” provides for an umbrella in the search for Europeanization processes has long been contentious. With the rise of nationalism and the so-called “Migration crisis”, this question is in the spotlight of cultural and political discourse. The lecture series tries to generate a multi-faceted debate among different academic disciplines, discussing different symptoms of Europe in crisis – among them identity and culture, social cohesion, and political legitimacy. It is meant to give insights into how a “Europe in crisis” is discussed in the different disciplines and which ideas for problem solving are seen. Hopefully, the lecture series will also spark some ideas on how to re-invigorate Europe as an idea and as a political project.

Each session will contain one mandatory reading that sets the stage for a one-hour lecture on a selected topic of “Europe in crisis”, and a half-hour discussion of the reading and the lecture.
We are happy to announce the full programme of this year's interdisciplinary, international lecture series on "Europe in Crisis?" and look foward to welcoming speakers from a variety of institutions in Göttingen and abroad.

Following lectures take place tuesdays from 4-6 p.m. in VG 4.101 during autumn and winter 2017/2018:

"Euroscepticism in crisis? The populist radical right and the EU"
by Dimitri Almeida (Göttingen), 24.10.2017

The Commission's White Book Process: Making Europe Crisis Proof?
by Julian Plottka (Berlin), 07.11.2017

When Do Crises of the EU Spur Reforms
by Simon Fink (Göttingen), 21.11.2017

Higher Education in European Discourse. A Conversation That Never took Place
by Lavinia Marin and Benedikte Custers (Leuven/Porto), 21.11.2017

Hospitalitiy Discourse and Syrian Refugees in Turkey: Uniting or Dividing?
by H. Pinar Senoguz (Göttingen), 28.11.2017

The Belgrade-Pristina Dialogue: A Litmus Test for the EU Diplomacy
by Flora Ferati-Sachsenmaier (Göttingen), 05.12.2017

De/Construction Zone Europe: American Media Representations of Europe in Crisis
by Elizabeth Goering (Indianapolis), 12.12.2017

How do we want to live? Russian Students Interpret Life after the Political Changes 1990/91 Through Literary Texts
by Martin Tamcke (Göttingen), 19.12.2017

Europe – Anatomy of a crisis
by Lars Klein (Göttingen), 09.01.2018

Contemporary Europe is Postcolonial: Transitions, Representations and Connections
by Jesse van Amelsvoort (Groningen/Fryslân), 16.01.2018

What is 'Conjunctural Analysis' and What Are its Uses? Revisiting a Transdiciplinary Program in a New Time of Crisis
by Moritz Ege and Alexander Gallas (Göttingen/Kassel), 23.01.2018