Terhonen, Eeva, Dr. Sc. For.

Junior Research Leader in Forest Pathology


·    Master of Science (M.Sc.), Graduate forester. Majoring in Forest Pathology, University of Helsinki, Finland, 2008

·    Doctor of Science (D.Sc.), Forest Pathology, Department of Forest Sciences, University of Helsinki, Finland, 2015

·    Senior Research Associate, Department of Plant and Soil Science, Plant Ecology Laboratory, Texas Tech University, 2016

·    Junior Research Leader in Forest Pathology, University of Göttingen, since 2017


Major Research Interests


Heterobasidion root rot

The most destructive root rot pathogens of Norway spruce (Picea abies) in the European forests are the members of the species complex Heterobasidion annosum sensu lato. Changes in climatic conditions and the intensive logging have increased and will continue promoting these pathogens in conifer forests. The research objective of Forest Pathology Research Group is to study novel genetic and silvicultural approaches to protect Norway spruce from the Heterobasidion species. In continuous-cover silviculture the Heterobasidion infection spreads from tree to tree through root contacts and eventually causes rot in conifer forests. Therefore, mixed forests, such as, beech-spruce forests could increase the resistance of individual conifer tree to this fungal pathogen. The aim is to make a significant impact both scientifically and in terms of practical forest management strategies.


Forest integrated pest management

Investigation of tree-microbe interactions, special focus on protecting trees against invasive pathogens. The trees have not adapted against the invasive pathogens, leading to tremendous losses for biodiversity and economy. The aim is to develop integrated pest management strategies combining several aspects: endophytes, viruses and forest management. Results will help to strengthen tree species defense mechanisms against invasive pathogens.

Supervising students

Besides research, our Forest Pathology Research Group aims to teach and supervise master and bachelor students and encourage and inspire young students to start their scientific careers in the field of Forest Pathology at University of Göttingen.



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