My research interest is in plant-microbe interactions. I focus especially on endophytic fungi which have the capacity to increase their host plants' tolerance towards pathogens. Most native tree species suffer from diseases by invasive fungi and beetles, viruses or bacteria. The trees' immune system is not adapted to the attacking alien species, leading to tremendous losses for biodiversity and economy. The aim of my research is to develop integrated pest management strategies which help to strengthen native tree species' defense mechanisms against pathogens.



2010 Diploma in biology (molecular microbiology, mycology, plant systematics and plant physiology) at University of Kassel, Germany

2016 PhD in Microbiology / Plant Pathology / Forestry at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Sweden and Bangor University, UK

Since 2018 Postdoc at Georg-August University Göttingen, Forest botany and tree physiology, Forest pathology group