Dr. Karan Singh Bagavathinathan

Chair of Development Economics, Prof. Klasen

Field of Research

Development Economics, Macroeconomics


  • Asset Returns in the Indian Stock Market and its Linkages with Macroeconomic Fundamentals. With A. Kanakaraj (2012). Revue d’économie financière
  • Revisiting the Empirical Existence of the Phillips Curve for India. With A. Kanakaraj and T.O.Sridevi (2011). Journal of Asian Economics
  • Market Integration, Transaction Costs and the Indian Wheat Market – A Systematic Study. With A. Kanakaraj and M. Mukim (2009). Economic and Political Weekly

  • Book Chapers

    • Trends and Correlates of Remittances to India. Book chapter in Global Remittance Practices and Migration during the Financial Crisis and Beyond. Ed. by I. Sirkeci, J. H. Cohen and D. Ratha, World Bank Publication. With P. Gupta (2011)
    • Issues In Utilizing India’s Demographic Transition. Entry in India, a New Dawn, Ernst and Young. With P. Shome (2011)
    • The Perils of Protectionism. Entry in Through a billion voices: India’s role in a multi-polar world, Foresight, UK (2010)
    • Global Crisis and India’s Growth Rate”, Entry in Economic Developments in India, Volume No - 133 Academic Foundation. With R. Kumar and M. Joseph (2009)

    • Work In Progress

      • Women’s political representation and Educational attainments: A district-level analysis in India. With F.o Burchi
      • The Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme and Child Nutrition: Evidence from India. With R. Chaurey
      • Political Reservation for Scheduled Castes and Business Exclusion: Examining Political Quotas’ Effect on Private Sector Entrepreneurship (1990-2007)

      • Policy Writing

        • An Assessment of Inflation Modelling in India. ICRIER Working Paper No. 259 (2012)
        • Indian Economy: Selected Methodological Advances”, ICRIER Working Paper No. 253. With M. Joseph, R. K. Dash, J. Bhattacharya and R. Tewari (2012)
        • State of the Indian Economy 2009-10”, ICRIER Working Paper No. 241. With M. Joseph, P. Vashisht, D. Alex, A. Soumya, R. Tewari and R. Banerjee (2009)
        • The Potential American Market for Generic Biological Treatments and the Associated Cost Savings. Insumed Research Papers, with R. J. Shapiro and M. Mukim (2008)
        • Sustainability of Economic Growth in India. The Centre for International Governance Innovation. Working Paper No. 25. With R. Kumar and A. Palit (2005)