Available topics for Bachelor and Master theses

General information

  • Cycle: anytime
  • Period of time: Bachelor thesis 12 weeks, Master thesis 20 weeks, Diploma thesis 3 or 6 months
  • "Lunch meets Abschlussarbeiten": Link
  • Procedure: The thesis will be coached by a research associate and guided by the professor.
  • Advise: Advise and support by the research associates of the SMRG can ONLY be provided every Tuesday 9:30-10:00 at our weekly Stand-up Meeting in Room 4.106 (Humboldtallee 3)
  • Application: If you are interested in writing your thesis about any topic, please contact one research associate via e-mail, ideally justifying and demonstrating your interest in the selected research topic. Please attach your current CV and grade sheet from FlexNow (simple print out) in order to better match the precise topic to the associates' area of interests. In order to properly arrange your supervision, we ask you to approach only one potential supervisor at a time and not to contact others until you have received an answer.
  • Note: A high level of commitment and diligence is expected. It is very important to follow the guidelines of scientific research!

Topics for Bachelor, Master and Diploma theses

Lara Rohleder
Digital Transformation | Digital Capabilities | Dynamic Capabilities

  • Relevance of Individual Dynamic Capabilities in Relation to IS in Crisis Situations such as the Corona Epidemic (Master Thesis)
  • The Development of Individual Dynamic Capabilities Enabled by Digital Transformation (Bachelor or Master Thesis)

Language: German/English

Tim-Benjamin Lembcke
(Digital) Nudging / Gamification | Design Thinking (Education) | Information System and AI Ethics

  • No topics available at the moment

Language: German or English

Maike Greve
Smart Health | Machine Learning | Data Science

  • The challenges of ICT4D initiatives - an Analysis of ICT Projects in Developing Countries in Asia/ Latin America (Bachelor or Master Thesis)

Language: German/English

Sascha Lichtenberg
Mobile Health | Smart Cities | Design Science

  • No topics available at the moment

Language: German/English

Christine Harnischmacher
Electrification | Smart Grid | Shared Mobility

  • Innovation Adoption in Businesses - The Case of Electrified Fleets (Master Thesis)
  • Acceptance of E-Mobility - Uncovering the individual and commercial acceptance criteria (Bachelor or Master Thesis)
  • E-Mobility - Evaluating Infrastructure Performance (Bachelor or Master Thesis)
  • Does Sustainability Matter? - Understanding the Management Perspective on Electrified Transportation in Businesses (Master Thesis)
  • Bringing New Energy to Current Smart Grid Research - A Literature Review on Smart Grid (Bachelor Thesis)
  • Diving into Maritime Informatics - A Citation Network Analysis on Maritime Informatics (Bachelor Thesis)

Language: German/English
Feel free to also contact me, if you have a research idea of your own for a bachelor or master thesis or project study, relating to the fields of electrified transportation or Green IS.

Kristin Masuch
Information Security | Crisis Response Strategies | Data Breaches

  • An overview of current topics can be found here.

Language: German/English
Feel free to also contact me, if you have a research idea of your own for a bachelor or master thesis or project study, relating to the fields of information security or data breach response strategies.

Dr. Ilja Nastjuk
The Dark Side of Digitalization

  • Technostress in the context of in-vehicle information systems/dating portals/further areas (Master Thesis)
  • The dark side of digitalization (Master Thesis)
  • Hit or Flop: Predicting innovation diffusion through what the media says about an innovation (Master Thesis)
  • Discovering trending topics in the news and the emotions surrounding these topics (Master Thesis)
  • Old ideas end up in university textbooks: a look at the topics covered in university textbooks and the frequency they appear in academic and practitioner literatures (Master Thesis)

Language: German/English

Christoph Prinz

  • Applying Machine Learning to Balance Demand and Supply in Shared Mobility Systems (Master Thesis)

Language: German/English

Mathias Willnat

  • Eine Experimentalstudie zum Cognitive Fit verschiedener Visualisierungsoptionen unsicherer Verkehrsverbindungen (Master Thesis)
  • Experimentalforschung in IS: Eine strukturierte Analyse aktueller Forschungsliteratur (Bachelor or Master Thesis)

Language: German/English

Johannes Bührke
Mobility Services and Strategy | Business Model Generation & Innovation | Green IS

  • The Perception of Errors in Conversational-Agent-Human-Interaction: Attribution Theory (Bachelor or Master Thesis)
  • Gaining insights of Conversational Agents & Chatbots: An bibliometric Analysis (Bachelor or Master Thesis)
  • Errors in Human-Computer Interaction: An bibliometric Analysis (Bachelor or Master Thesis)
  • The Future of Mobility: A Taxonomy of Micro-Mobility Business Models (Bachelor or Master Thesis)
  • A perspective of future Mobility: Micro-Mobility bibliometric Analysis (Bachelor or Master Thesis)
  • Autonomes und elektrisches Fahren als Teil der Shared-Mobility – Wie politische Entscheidungsträger die Endnutzerakzeptanz und somit den Übergang in ein neues Mobilitäts-Zeitalter positiv beeinflussen können (Bachelor or Master Thesis)

Language: German/English

Morten Gantner
Digital Health | Reimbursement Systems | Health Economics

  • Patient-centered mHealth applications - Requirements of mentally ill patients (Bachelor or Master Thesis)
  • mHealth applications for public health - The perspective of regulatory authorities (Bachelor Thesis)
  • Data quality in healthcare - a comparison between analogue and electronic health records (Bachelor or Master Thesis)
  • Where do I get the money from? The role of reimbursement of mHealth on business models in the health sector: An international comparison (Bachelor Thesis)

Language: German/English