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Metzler, D. R., Neuss, N., and Muntermann, J. 2021. “Artificial Intelligence and Business Model Innovation in Incumbent Firms: A Cross-Industry Case Study,“ in: Die Unternehmung: Swiss Journal of Business Research and Practice (75:3), NOMOS Publications.

Abstract: Artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to disrupt entire industries and thereby drives business model innovation (BMI) in incumbent firms. However, empirical research on the impact of AI on the business model of incumbent firms, as well as research on AI as a driver for BMI in these firms, is still rare. This paper aims to extend research in this field by analyzing the impact of AI on the specific elements of firms’ business models. Further, it provides an analysis of the mechanisms of AI-driven BMI. By conducting in-depth case study research across four traditional industries, we contribute to the literature by providing new insights on the impact of AI on each business model element of incumbent firms. Based on these findings, we additionally present a framework explaining the processes and outcomes of BMI through AI.