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31.01. Rights and Obligations in the Job in Germany - Work contract, Earnings and Reference letters

You want to start your career in Germany but you are not sure about the legal aspects? In this event you will get detailed information and get the chance to clearify your main questions regarding work contract, salary and job references.

Work contract (contents, fixed-term contract versus open ended contract, types of employment, rights and obligations of the employee and employer, working hours and vacation, probation period, termination of the contract and period of notice)

Salary (components, gross and net income)

Job references (structure and contents; opportunities and risks, how to read a job reference –hidden codes)

Method: Lecture and Q&A

Target group: (International) students of all disciplines

Limit of participants: 35

Date: Wednesday, 31th January , 4:00-6:00pm

Language: English

Trainer: Barbara Motschenbacher, Dipl.-Kulturwirtin, Coach, Career Counsellor, Trainer

Location: via Zoom. (Link will be provided in advance)

Binding Registration: online registration form

Participation with camera is mandatory.

Contact: Career Service, Ina Marschall, Tel.: 0551/39-24642