Green and Sustainable Finance


Type of Course Lecture and exercise course
Term Winter term 2022/23
Credits 6 ECTS
Course language English
Contact Nicole Neuss, M. Sc.
Thr., 12:15 - 13:45
Tue., 12:15 - 13:45
Teaching Format In-person

Course content:

The demand for green and sustainable investment products has seen proliferating growth over the past decade. Moreover, the financial sector is increasingly regarded as a powerful agent for change on the path towards a more sustainable global economy. Therefore, a solid understanding of the basic principles and strategies in relation to green and sustainable finance is becoming an essential skill for financial professionals and managers.
This lecture will provide an overview over current instruments, standards and practices in relation to green and sustainable finance. The lecture will be accompanied by exercise sessions where students will receive practical guidance on the implementation of different portfolio strategies and apply their knowledge in an empirical project.
The assessment in this course will be based on a final exam. Additionally, student can choose to prepare in-class presentations in the exercise sessions (20% if applicable).

Ansicht im Vorlesungsverzeichnis in EXA: Green and Sustainable Finance Vorlesung und Übung