Name: Alex Windhorst
Email: alex.windhorst”€”
Start of PhD project and thesis: Apirl 2019 and September 2020 (resp.).
PhD project end: November 2022
Presumed end of PhD thesis (current financial basis granted by scholarship from Eigen-and-Brauer Foundation, mediated by ufop e.V.): October 2023.
Working title of PhD thesis: “Developing improved Vicia faba breeding practices and varieties to drive domestic protein production in the European Union (ProFaba)”.
The Göttingen part of this SusCrop EU project is to genetically analyse freezing resistance and winter survival of winter faba beans based on SNP marker data and phenotypic results from controlled and field conditions. Main type of analysis is GWAS.

Current PhD thesis committee: Wolfgang Link (; Christian Möllers (; Wolfgang Ecke (

Financial basis of PD project: ProFaba EU budget as granted by BMBL (FKZ 031B0805A)
Budget of the PhD project was acquired by Wolfgang Link (based on the successful acquisition of the SusCrop ProFaba project by Stig U. Andersen, Aarhus University)