Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

For what term will be the next admission process? Winter term 2020/2021


  • What documents do I have to submitt for application?
    - the application documents must include:

    • The filled out aplication form
    • the certificate of your Bachelors degree
    • your CV
    • a letter of motivation
    • letters of recommendation / job references and
    • documented evidence for your knowledge of the English language
    • a signed declaration, if a master program in the field of nature conservation was already finished or definitely failed or started.

    • It is not necessary to send us your high school diplomas.

  • If I would like to enroll in the programme through the University of Göttingen does that mean the study programme must be started at Göttingen University? Or could a student be enrolled at Göttingen but start the first semester at Lincoln?
    You can get accepted at Göttingen and do your first semester at Lincoln in February, but you would need to fully enroll in October for Winter Semester.
    - Application Deadline: May 15th
    - Start Lincoln semester: Mid February.

  • Is there an application fee?
    No, there is no application fee.

  • When are the Application Deadlines?
    For Winter Semester the Application Deadline is on May the 15th. No admissions for summer semester. Applications which are uploaded after the 15th May cannot be accepted without exception.

  • What kind of Bachelor degree do you need to apply for the Master programme?
    "Welche Studiengänge gelten als "einschlägige Fachrichtung"?

    - Bachelor degrees in e.g.

  • Agricultural Sciences
  • Biodiversity
  • Biology
  • Ecology
  • Environmental Sciences
  • Forest Sciences
  • Geography
  • Nature Conservation
  • Wildlife Management
  • Veterinary Medicine

  • or similar.
    It´s a case by case decision.
    But if you are unsure, please contact
    A Bachelor`s degree in Biotechnology, Microbiology, Chemistry and similar does not fulfill our admission requirements.
  • Do I need to have a supervisor for my master thesis before I apply?
    - No, all students start looking for a supervisor while preparing their thesis during their first 3 semester of this program.

  • If not admitted for the first time, can I also apply for a second time?
    - Yes, then you also have to send your application documents a second time.

  • Is there also a place where I can find admission regulations in English? The English website only links to a German version.
    - Unfortunately not yet

  • Is application only possible for people with a bachelor degree or can you also apply when you already have a Diploma or PhD?
    - The programme is meant for students with a bachelor degree but application also is possible with other degrees (as Diploma).

  • Are the transcripts of my studies sufficient for application or do I need another certificate?
    - The transcripts are sufficient if they include all semesters, but better sent all the documents that might be relevant.

  • Does the Application has to be according to English guidelines?
    - No. You may give your application that style you think is best. And please just put all your application documents in a sheet protector (Klarsichthülle). Do not send in a professional folder. For organizational reasons we are not able to return your documents to you.

  • I don`t have experience in nature conservation besides my university classes. If I apply, do I have a chance of getting accepted?
    - Practical experience in nature conservation (field work or administration) is an important criteria for getting accepted, but you are of course welcome to apply, since it all depends on the number of applicants.

  • In order to apply, would I need to apply to the university of Göttingen as well as the MINC programme or simply to the programme?
    - Applications are submitted to our department only, as indicated on the web. That is sufficient.

  • What will be the content of the selection interview?
    - the interview will last approximately 20 minutes. Dr. Matthias Waltert, the Degree Executive, another member of the department and a students representative will take part. They will ask questions concerning your scientific background, your previous special experiences and expertise in international nature conservation and your estimation of your own way of working and your ability to work under pressure

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