• Fall 2014, cont.: PhD Student in Arabistik und Islamwissenschaft, Seminar für Arabistik/Islamwissenschaft, Georg-August-Universität Göttingen, Germany.
    Dissertation Title: Al-Qadīmān: An Analytical Study of Two Shī'ī Legal Thinkers.
    (Supervised by Prof. Dr. Sebastian Günther)

  • Spring 2014: MA in Arabic Language and Literature
    Thesis Title: The Lawfulness of Working for the Unjust Ruler. A Study in Early Imāmī Thought and Literature.
    (Supervised by Dr. Maher Jarrar) Department of Arabic and Near Eastern Languages, American University of Beirut, Lebanon.

  • A.Y. 2012-2013: Visiting Graduate Student (Arabic and Islamic Studies)
    Leiden Institute of Area Studies (LIAS), Leiden University, Netherlands.

  • Fall 2010-2011: BA in Arabic Language and Literature (With Distinction)
    Department of Arabic and Near Eastern Languages, American University of Beirut, Lebanon.

  • Spring 2007: Lebanese Baccalaureate II - General Sciences
    Al Muṣṭafā High School, Beirut, Lebanon.

  • Fields of interest

  • Arabic Language: Lexicography and Semantics.
  • Classical Arabic Literature: Old Poetry (Jāhilī).
  • History and Evolution of Imāmī Shi'ism.
  • Islamic Theology (ʿIlm al-Kalām).
  • Islamic Jurisprudence and its fundaments (Fiqh and Uṣūl al-Fiqh).
  • Islamic Sufism, Mysticism and Theosophism (ʿirfān).
  • Ancient Greek Philosophy and its impact on Arabic Thought.

  • Publications

    Translations to Arabic
  • W. Chittick, "Istiʾādat aṭ-Ṭabīʾa al-Basharīyya" ["The Recovery of Human Nature"], tr. Ali Rida Rizek, Al-Maḥajja 26 (Beirut: 2013), pp. 28-41.
  • A. Al-Azmeh, Azminat at-Tārīkh [Times of History], tr. Ali Rida Rizek, (Amman: Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies, Turjuman Unit). (Forthcoming)

  • Papers Delivered

  • "Al-Fiqh li-ʾl Mughtaribīn: Shīʿī Jurisprudence for Expatriates," delivered in the 3rd Sharīʿa Project (A UK-Netherlands Islamic Legal Studies Network funded by NWO-AHRC), Leiden University, November 15th & 16th, 2013.

  • Awards and Scholarships

  • DAAD Scholarship for Young Researchers and Academics to pursue a PhD Degree in Islamic Studies at Göttingen University, Germany (Starting October 2014).

  • Job Experience

  • January 2014- August 214: International Center for Transitional Justice (ICTJ).
    - Part-time Arabic Editor

  • Academic Year 2013-2014: Lebanese American University (LAU), Department of Humanities.
    - Part-time Instructor of Arabic

  • Academic Year 2012-2013: Leiden University, Netherlands, Leiden Institute of Area Studies (LIAS).
    - Visiting Instructor of Arabic Language

  • November 2012-May 2013: Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies, Amman-Jordan Turjuman Unit.
    - Translator

  • Summer 2012: E.J. Brill, Leiden
    - Editing the Arabic transliteration in History of the Qur’ān, an English translation of Nöldeke's Geschichte des Qorāns published in 2013 by E. J. Brill as: The History of the Qur’ān, ISBN: 978-9004212343.

  • Summer 2010-Summer 2014: American University of Beirut, Center for Arab & Middle Eastern Studies (CAMES), CAMES Arabic Summer Program.
    - Instructor of Arabic Language.

  • Summer 2011- Summer 2013: Sapiential Knowledge Institute, Beirut.
    - Assistant Editor of Al-Maḥajja refereed journal (ISSN: 2224-1094) issued by the Sapiential Knowledge Institute, Beirut.

  • Summer 2011: United Nations (ESCWA), Beirut
    - Proofreader of the Arabic version of the United Nations Annual Human Development Report 2011.

  • Spring 2010- Spring 2012: American University of Beirut, Department of Arabic and Near Eastern Languages.
    - Assistant for editing manuscript, indexing & proofreading

  • Languages

  • Arabic (native speaker), English, French, and German (ongoing).