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Founded in 1773, the Zoologische Museum of the Georg-August-Universität Göttingen has a long tradition. Initially part of the Königliche Akademische Museum, it moved into 1793 in its own building, the Naturhistorische Museum at the Berliner Straße. However, during the last century the area of the museum slowly got reduced while research departments moved into the building. Meanwhile, the value of museums and museum collections got rediscovered. The building at the Berliner Straße is currently renovated and the Zoologische Museum and its collection went on a hiatus at different locations in and around Göttingen. We are currently developing a new exhibition which will focus on the topic biodiversity and in the years to come the Biodiversity Museum of Göttingen will open its doors in the former Naturhistorische Museum, where it will be hosted together with the “Forum Wissen”.

We aim to tackle key questions of biodiversity research with this exhibition. How is biodiversity originated and maintained? What are the interactions in biodiversity and how do they change? How are humans impacting biodiversity? And finally, how can we protect and conserve biodiversity? We will illustrate these questions with examples from actual research from the University of Göttingen involving different departments and faculties. Through a stimulating journey we will understand the complexity of relationships within ecosystems, the mechanisms of evolution and our role in our planet dynamics, as well as our impact. The Earth is currently facing a crisis in climate change and loss of biodiversity. However, there are still some opportunities that science hold, and we all can adopt, for nature conservation, and the sustainable advancement of humankind. The Biodiversity Museum of Göttingen pursues to lead us into the opportunity to get involved into possible societal changes for a better and more sustainable world. The museum will do this through engaging the public more directly with scientific research and knowledge.


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