Professur für Entwicklungsökonomik

Bruno Gabriel Witzel de Souza

Ph.D. Candidate
Chair of Development Economics, Prof. Klasen

University of Göttingen
Department of Economics
Platz der Göttinger Sieben 3
D-37073 Göttingen, Germany

Room: Oec. 2.206
Office hours: by appointment

Research Interests
Determinants of economic growth in the long-run,the relationship between Economic History and Development Economics, Economics of Education, International Migration

  • Research associate of the RTG 1723: 'Globalization and Development'

    Focus on the research field of 'Inequality and globalization' Website. Research project for PhD thesis based on the accumulation of human capital in the long-run and the historical determinants of educational decisions, with a focus on international migration.

  • Researcher of the Historical Household Budgets Initiative Website

    Research on historical budgets to foster our comprehension of microeconomic decisions and household resource allocation in the long-run. Primary focus on poverty and inequality based on micro-historical data.

  • Joint Coordinator of the 'Grupo Davatz-Sangbaul', in Brazil.

    Group formed by young scholars to foster research and outreach activities (especially in cultural diplomacy) in the field of international relations among German-speaking countries and Brazil, with a focus on the state of São Paulo.
  • Teaching (in Göttingen):
  • WiSe 2013/2014: Tutorial Econometrics I
  • WiSe 2015/2016: Tutorial Advanced Microeconomics
  • SoSe 2016: Tutorial Development Economics II
  • WiSe 2016/17: Tutorial Advanced Microeconomics
  • Previous Work Experience:
  • 2014-2015: National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER): Assistant researcher of Prof. Dr. Aldo Musacchio and Prof. Dr. Diego Comin in a Project on the Brazilian railroad system at the beginning of the twentieth century

  • 2012: University of São Paulo: Assistant researcher of Prof. Dr. Dante Aldrighi and Prof. Dr. Renato Perim Colistete in the UNIDO Project 'The Untold Story: Industrial Structural Change for Poverty Reduction: The Case of BRICS'.

  • 2012: University of São Paulo: Tutorial World Economic History I.

  • 2010-2011: Journal Estudos Econômicos: Technical assistant of the editorial board.
  • Publications

  • Peer-reviewed journal: WITZEL-SOUZA, B. G.. Imigração Alemã e Mercado de Trabalho na Cafeicultura Paulista: Um Estudo Quantitativo dos Contratos de Parceria. História Econômica & História de Empresas, v. XV, p. 81-110, 2012. Link

  • Complete article in conference's booklet: FALEIROS, R. N.; WITZEL-SOUZA, B. G.. O Sistema de Parceria e a Formação do Mercado de Trabalho Livre no Brasil: Aspectos Inerciais (1840-1930). In: CLADHE III - 3. Congresso Latino-americano de História Econômica ; XIII Jornadas de História Econômica - Simpósio 05, 2012, San Carlos de Bariloche. Link

  • Extended abstract in conference's booklet WITZEL-SOUZA, B. G.. The Historical Dependence of Education: Implications for Sustainable Development from a Study for São Paulo, Brazil (1840-2010). In: 7th German-Brazilian Symposium for Sustainable Development, 2015, Heidelberg. Book of Abstracts of the 7th German-Brazilian Symposium, 2015. Link
  • Working Papers
  • WITZEL-SOUZA, B. G.. Immigration and the Path-Dependence of Education: The Case of German-speakers in São Paulo, Brazil. Ibero-America Institute for Economic Research (IAI) Discussion Papers. N. 234 Link

  • WITZEL-SOUZA, B. G.. Subsidies to the History of the German-Speaking Immigration to the Province/State of São Paulo, Brazil (1840-1920). Ibero-America Institute for Economic Research (IAI) Discussion Papers. N. 233. Link
  • Outreach articles (available upon request)
  • WITZEL-SOUZA, B. G.. The Challenge of International Migration: What A Historical Example Can Teach Us?. Gokhale Institute of Politics and Economics, Pune: Veritas 2016/2017.

  • WITZEL-SOUZA, B. G.. A Vocação Internacional de Rio Claro no Interior Paulista. Revista do Arquivo Público e Histórico do Município de Rio Claro, N. 15, , v. 15, 06 jun. 2015.

  • WITZEL-SOUZA, B. G.. Construindo 'Sangbaul': Influências Socioeconômicas e Culturais dos Germânicos em Rio Claro. Revista do Arquivo Público e Histórico do Município de Rio Claro, N. 12, , v. 12, 07 dez. 2013.

  • WITZEL-SOUZA, B. G.. 'Salve, Salve, Oh Santa Liberdade!' - Imigração Germânica no Interior Paulista. Revista do Arquivo Público e Histórico do Município de Rio Claro, N. 11, Rio Claro - SP, p. 11 - 15, 07 jun. 2013.