MSc Computational Biology and Bioinformatics


MSc/PhD Computational Biology and Bioinformatics

Standard Period of Study

4 semesters

Teaching Language

English (some elective courses in German)

Credit Points

120 ECTS




In the past decade, biological science has experienced a revolution. This revolution was driven by technological advancements that allow for the generation of high-throughput data in almost any field of research; be it sequencing technology that allows for the generation of genome data for a millionth of the price it had before dawn of this century — or deep learning trained on phenotype data for species identification. All of these advancements necessitate the (i) development and (ii) application of bioinformatic tools that can handle such data quantity and complexity. Further, new statistical challenges are posed and data handling needs to be rethought. To meet these challenges, the Faculty of Biology and Psychology has launched a new Master program.

The MSc program in Computational Biology and Bioinformatics connects objectives of biological and computational sciences. Core fields of the program are bioinformatics and systems biology, meaning the analysis and modelling of data in molecular biology and biochemistry, in particular from genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics and metabolomics. Computational methods are supported by practical trainings in the wet lab. Graduates will have a strong biological background as well as being able to understand and develop software for the handling and analysis of biological data. Teaching language of the program is English.

The program covers the three subjects bioinformatics, biology and informatics, whereas bioinformatics is the major, biology and core informatics are minors.

  • Bridging Module (refresher on core informatics or Biology depending on individual background) (10 C)
  • Applied Bioinformatics (mandatory) (20 C)
  • Bioinformatics electives (24 C)
  • Informatics/Biology electives (12 C each)
  • key competencies (12 C)
  • Master thesis (30 C)

Find details on the courses in the module descriptions (Modulverzeichnis)

Application and Admission

Applicants should possess

  • a Bachelor's degree (6 semester) in Biology, Bioinformatics or in Computational Sciences (with a minor in the field of Bioinformatics or Biology). Application is also possible for students who passed at least 3/4 of their Bachelor (150 of 180 C).
    conditions for applicants with
    - major in Biology: at least 50 C in Biology and 40 C in Bioinformatics, Informatics, Mathematics or Physics
    - major in Bioinformatics or Computer Sciences: at least 30 C in Biology and Bioinformatics 60 C in Informatics, Mathematics, Physics or Bioinformatics
  • proficiency in English level C1 or higher, if English it not your native language.

The application process will be completely online, including interviews and an online assessment test by the faculty. Applicants first register via our registration portal and subsequently upload the documents.

Application period is 01 January to 15 February 2025 via our application portal

  • Application form
  • Diploma (certified copy), if the diploma is not yet on hand, the applicant should only provide an official transcript of records and an official statement of the average grade;
  • Transcript of records
  • Curriculum vitae (data sheet, in German or English) with a photograph (for »Biodiversity, Ecology and Evolution« no photograph is required)
  • Proof of proficiency English if the applicants native language is not English and he/she has no English degree
  • Official description of the modules (only for applicants who have not graduated at the University of Göttingen), can also be submitted as link to the electronic documents.
  • Letter of Motivation
  • Optional: Proof of additional knowledge aquired outside university
  • Applicants from China and India additionally have to supply an APS of the German embassy if they are accepted. We recommend to apply for it as early as possible as it is required for enrolment.

The documents should be uploaded within the application period via the Universities upload portal.

The online assessment test is part of the ranking procedure. It is mandatory for all applicants of MSc Computational Biology. You will be invited by an email to the participate in the test if your application fulfilled our requirements.
The test covers basic questions from the fields

  • Molecular Biology and Genetics
  • Bioinformatics
  • and Core Informatics

Most questions will be multiple choice, but the test may also contain tasks like writing pieces of pseudo code, ordering elements, identifying spots in an image or similar. The participants have 60 minutes to resolve as many questions as possible.