Digital Transformation Research Center (DTRC)

On July 1st, 2016, a new interdisciplinary research group was founded at the Chair of Information Management: The "Digital Transformation Research Center" (DTRC). The team focuses on topics related to the opportunities, challenges, and implications of business model innovation in response to the diffusion of digital technologies, such as cloud computing, big data, or mobile technologies. The topic of digital transformation has already been addressed for many years at the chair of Prof. Lutz M. Kolbe. Hence, the economic impacts of particular IT innovations within different contexts, such as in the automotive, finance, and health sectors, have been previously examined. These competencies will be bundled in the new research group to comprehend better the mechanisms and impacts of developing viable solutions for an increasingly connected world. Researchers with IT, management, and data science backgrounds constitute the core team of DTRC. This team will be extended with national and international associated researchers, who are devoted to the topic of digital transformation as well, bringing in further expertise. To ensure practical relevance and grounding, the research group will be working in close partnerships with major companies from different industries. In these cooperative efforts, practitioners will bring expertise, experience, and challenges from their daily work, while DTRC brings theoretical-grounded knowledge and methodological competencies to jointly elaborate meaningful answers for addressing the questions raised by digital transformation. Thereby, the research group's goal is to produce high-quality scientific research (i.e., publications in renowned outlets) and develop specific and practicable solutions (e.g., analysis, tools, prototypes) for corporate practice.

Core competencies:

  • Interdisciplinary and team-oriented research in the context of Digital Transformation
  • Wide as well as profound theoretical and methodological expertise (i.a.: machine learning, grounded theory, case study, structural equation modeling, meta-analysis, delphi study, panel data regressions)
  • Engaged scholarship with practice partners from diverse sectors

Selected fields of research:

  • Digital (business model) innovation
  • Digital (customer) life
  • Organizational capabilities for digital business transformation
  • Digital business ecosystems
  • Governance and organizational modes for digital innovation
  • Transformative value of big data analytics
  • Institutional pressures in digital transformation
  • Building and managing platform ecosystems