Dr. Hendrik W. Kruse

PhD Researcher
Research Training Group Globalization and Development

Research Interests:
Economics; International Trade and Capital Flows, Inequality, Development, MENA.

Baghdadi, L., H.W. Kruse and I. Martínez-Zarzoso (2016), "Trade policy without trade facilitation: Lessons from tariff pass-through in Tunisia", in: Teh, Smeets, Jallab and Chaudhri (eds.), "Trade Costs and Inclusive Growth. Case Studies presented by WTO chair-holders", Geneva, WTO Publications. Link

Working Papers:
Kruse, H. W., I. Martínez-Zarzoso and L. Baghdadi (2017), “Standards and Market Power: Evidence from Tunisia”, ERF Working Paper No. 1131. Link

Kruse, H.W. and I. Martínez-Zarzoso (2016), "Transfers in the Gravity Equation: The Case of Foreign Aid", CEGE Discussion Paper No. 288. Link

Baghdadi, L., H.W. Kruse and I. Martínez-Zarzoso (2016), "Is Tunisian Trade Policy Pro-Poor?", ERF Working Paper No. 1033. Link

Kruse, H.W. (2016),"Revisiting the Sectoral Linder Hypothesis: Aggregation Bias or Fixed Effects?", LIS Working Paper No. 658. Link