Guest Research Scientist
Associate senior lecturer Cenderawasih University, Papua, Indonesia
Ph.D. (Ecology and Nature Conservation), University of Göttingen, Germany
M.Sc. (Tropical Wildlife), Integrated Forestry and Agriculture Program, University of Göttingen, Germany
B.Sc. (Biology), University of Manado, Indonesia
Current project/program
Integrating forest management with biodiversity education in Indonesia (DAAD University Partnership Program)
Ethnoecology of New Guinea Singing Dogs (NGHWDF USA, Cenderawasih University, PT Freeport)

Selected Publications:

Parsch C., Wagner B., Pangau-Adam M., Nitschke C., Kreft H., Schrader J. (2022). Papua at the crossroads: A plea for systematic conservation planning in one of the largest remaining areas of tropical rainforest. Frontiers in Forest and Global Change 5: 763131.

Pangau-Adam M., Flassy M., Trei J.-N., Waltert M., Soofi M. (2022). The role of the introduced rusa deer Cervus timorensis for wildlife hunting in West Papua, Indonesia. Ecological Solutions and Evidence 3: e12118.

Pangau-Adam M, Slowik J, Waltert M (2021). Negative effects of logging on bird dispersed trees in northern Papuan lowland forest. Tropical Conservation Science 14:1-9

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