Short description of research activities in CRC 990:

I am a doctor of Epidemiology at Public Health Study Program, Faculty of Public Health, University of Jambi (UNJA), Indonesia. Previously, I had worked in Sarolangun District Health Office in section of prevention and eradication of diseases and for 10 years as a Lecturer in Health Polytechnic majoring in Environmental Health. My research focuses on public health, epidemiology and environmental health. Topics most in demand in the field of Nutritional epidemiology, especially malnutrition in adolescents and women of childbearing age (overweight/obesity, chronic energy deficiency, anemia and reproductive health). Topics also in demand are the prevention and control of infectious and non-communicable diseases, related to environmental or climate change, lifestyle and socioeconomic. Join CRC 990 begin in 2016, on sub-project C07 which will focus on impact of land use change on public health and disease distribution patterns in farmers and population. Currently, I serve also as a chief of Public Health Study Center at LPPM (Research and Community Services institutes) UNJA since 2016.