Gender Equality

The promotion of gender equality plays a major role at the University of Göttingen and at the German Primate Center. The university's Family Service Unit provides for example child care facilities for students and scientists and additionally supports parents in emergency cases. To promote female scientists in their career development, several mentoring and coaching programs have been established on the Göttingen Campus, such as the Dorothea Schlözer-Mentoring Program, or the STIM.

The members of the RTG 2070 can build upon these gender equality measures of the contributing institutions and our members are highly encouraged to engage in the available mentoring programs.

The RTG itself provides additional support within these two key areas to promote equal opportunities for our members:

Improvement of conditions for doctoral students with children

  • Financial support for emergency child-care during conferences, illness, or in exceptional cases when working outside the regular working hour is required
  • Provision of child-care during Summer Schools and workshops
  • Family friendly working hours and retreats
  • Mobile children's room for flexible, spontaneous child-care opportunities
  • Student assistants to take over lab work for prospective mothers

Facilitating the progression of our female doctoral students to the next career step

  • Career workshops on female perspectives and compatibility of family life and academic career
  • Soft skill courses in leadership and negotiation
  • Small group coaching on request
  • Support of one student per year to participate in the STIM-Program
  • Support of promising female doctoral students in advancing to the postdoctoral level by providing kick-start funds
  • Invitation of role model female scientists as guest speakers

Please contact the coordinator for further information and organizational issues.

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