How to balance forestry and biodiversity conservation on a forest enterprise level

Frank Krumm

Date: January 21, 2021
Time: 2 pm (s.t.)
Place: via zoom. Please register by sending an email to

Maintaining and enhancing European forests’ biological diversity as well as ensuring their resilience and adaptability so that they can continue providing a broad range of ecosystem services in a rapidly changing environment is key for the sustainability of European societies. Doing so requires more than ever an informed, fluent and effective dialogue between scientists, policy makers, forest landowners, forest managers and nature conservationists.
The modern and pragmatic concept of integrated forest management can be seen as the starting point for improving the sustainability of the forest sector. The authors of the new book “How to balance forestry and biodiversity conservation – a view across Europe” present the basic guidelines of this concept and provide views from science and practice on how to harmonize biodiversity conservation and wood production in a given forest area.