Excursion to Ghana : film

SIA students of the year 2014

Galerie 1

Class in Göttingen with Prof. Qaim, Professor of International Food Economics
and Rural Development

Galerie 2

Galerie 3
Statistic class in Witzenhausen

Galerie 4
Visit to a greenhouse with basil

Visiting a dairy farm in Bavaria, Southern Germany
Galerie 5

Galerie 6
Visiting Rapunzel, one of the largest businesses
of the Organic Food Sector in Germany

Summer excursion Bavaria 2015 AG Internat. 5
SIA students

Galerie 7Discussion on GMO crops organised by the AG internationales

Galerie 8
Visit to a legume farm in Nürnberg, Southern Germany

Excursion to Myanmar in March 2015, Shwedagon Pagoda, Yangon
Galerie 9

Through caoutchouc fields with the bus,on the way to a rubber farm and...
Galerie 12

Galerie 10
...drying of rubber sheets before export, South Myanmar

Galerie 11
Demonstration of how to cut the rubber tree to achieve trickling of rubber sap, South of Myanmar

egg collection point
Egg collection point, several farmers bring their products to the farm, which then distributes the eggs to the markets, South of Myanmar

peanut oil mill
Milling peanuts for peanut oil production via draught power, Central Myanmar

fishermen inle lake
Conversations between students and fishermen at Inle lake, Central Myanmar

floating gardens inle lake
Vegetable farmer producing tomatoes in floating gardens on Inle lake answering questions from students, Central Myanmar

student exchange yezin
Exchange between German and Myanmar students at Yezin Agricultural University, Central Myanmar

livestock-based sust. land use 1
Students doing fieldwork in the course "Livestock-based sustainable landuse", a module enabling the students to understand the interactions of livestock with the natural resource base, Witzenhausen

livestock-based sust. land use 2
SIA students analyzing plant species diversity, Livestock-based sustainable land use, Witzenhausen

multidisciplinary research 1
SIA students presenting posters developed by themselves within the scope of the course "Multidisciplinary research in tropical production systems", Göttingen

multidisciplinary research 2
Groupwork, Multidisciplinary research in tropical production systems, Göttingen