Information for Prospective PhD students

Dear applicant


Thank you for your interest.  Please check the homepage of our graduate school GFA ( for the admission requirements. Apart from formal issues such as your grades, acceptance of your Master diploma and English certificate, you have two main points to solve: the agreement of your prospective supervisor and a scholarship that covers your personal expenses or other financial means that secure your life in Goettingen during the three-to-four year study period of your PhD.


If you are just interested in any kind of suitable PhD, it is always a good idea to check the advertisements on the homepage of the Goettingen university (  Open position here in the Forest Botany and Tree Physiology group are announced on our homepage under the link

Job vacancies and open PhDpositions as well as on the homepage of the University.


If you explicitly wish to conduct your PhD under the supervision of Prof. Polle in the Forest Botany and Tree Physiology group, please clarify first with the graduate school GFA whether your diplomas are valid for a PhD in Goettingen. The next step will be to clarify possible topics for your studies in my group and to develop a research project that can be submitted to funding agencies such as the CSC (Chinese PhD students), DAAD or the sending institution. Please, check beforehand whether you qualify for the requirement of the selected funding agency such DAAD (age-limits, etc.)  and when the deadlines for submission are. The drafting of a good research proposal needs sufficient time and we need to send you an invitation letter.  Please, note that we accept only applications that fit into the research area of our group ( and that the research usually has to be conducted within our on-going activities because most funding agencies do not pay for consumables and other expenses related to your research. 


Good luck and best wishes



Prof. Dr. A. Polle