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Internship/ practical semester

  • Is it possible to choose my own facility for the internship semester?
    - yes, you just need the agreement of Dr. Walter for approval.

  • I have to hand in a report for the practical semester. When is the deadline? How should the report look like?
    - you have to hand in the report latest by the end of your practical semester. You should focus on the scientific part of your project and the report should be structured like a manuscript (Abstract, Introduction, Material & Methods, Results, Discussion). It should include 15 – 20 pages.

  • Do I get a mark for the report?
    - in total you get 30 credits for your practical semester. The internship report will be graded.

  • The semester at Göttingen starts in October, while at Lincoln they start in February and June. Can the programme be organized out of any combination of these semesters? I ask this in thinking about logistics and when the practical internship might happen.
    - It might all work, but things depend on the elective courses you choose at Göttingen. Some lecturers are not flexible with the examination dates - and you might also not pass and need an additional date for examinations...

  • Does the programme help with securing the practical internship? It was mentioned it would be possible to tailor the internship to personal interests. And, how does it work with costs/living expenses during the internship - is this something that students cover on their own?
    - The internship depends on the students commitment mainly. The department of Conservation Biology offers an internship at Harz Mountain National Park in Germany, at Korup National Park in Cameroon, in Mongolia and in Indonesia. All other potential internships depend on any factors.

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