Job Offers

For PhD positions in the CRC 1073 please check the right column.

Jobs in the CRC

The CRC offers three types of paid jobs:

  1. Undergraduate research assistant positions for students (Chemistry, Material Science, Physics) in the Master course or (advanced) Bachelor course.

  2. Qualification fellowships for students from non-German universities.

  3. PhD positions for students with a master degree.

We strongly encourage excellent female students and scientists to apply for positions within the CRC.

1. Undergraduate research assistant

Goal: To allow young students to participate in cutting-edge research of the CRC.

The undergraduate research assistants will work on self-contained aspects of the individual scientific projects, directly supervised by the associated doctoral student or postdoc.

The duration of the employment is limited to up to 6 months. The weekly working hours should not exceed 10 h.

2. Qualification fellowships

Goal: Qualification for the CRC PhD program.

The qualification fellowships are intended for

  1. highly qualified foreign students with an excellent bachelor degree or with another degree that is not equivalent to a German master degree.

  2. applicants holding a degree from a university of applied sciences.

The duration of the qualification phase is from 6 to maximum 12 months. The payment is leant on the common payment of PhD positions in the CRC.

3. PhD positions

Goal: A well-balanced, structured doctoral education in the field of energy science.
The criteria for the selection of candidates are:

  1. performance during the master studies and grade of the master degree.

  2. sufficient knowledge in subjects relevant to the prospective PhD project.

  3. sufficient practical research training experience in cases where the prospective PhD project involves experimental work.

  4. other science-related activities (such as work experience or teaching experience).

There is only a limited number of such positions in the CRC. Vacant positions are listed in the right column.

The payment is according to the pay grade 13 TV-L.

How to apply for a job

The application procedure is always the same:

  1. Choose a CRC project you are interested in.

  2. Contact the Principle Investigators (PI) of the project concerning free positions, possible topic and contents.

  3. The PI will contact the CRC concerning the employment. The final decision will be made by the CRC management board.

  4. After the approval of the management board, you can contact the CRC office concerning the required paper work (forms, documents?).