Lincoln Semester


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Lincoln Semester

  • When does the semester start in Lincoln?
    Semester one: Mid Feb to end of May
    Semester two: Mid Jul to Mid Oct

  • Do I have to pay tuition fees at Lincoln University?
    If you are first enrolled at Göttingen University, you pay an administration fee at Göttingen, and tuition fees at Lincoln of about 6000 € once.

  • Can I get accepted in Göttingen but do my first semester at Lincoln?
    Yes. If accepted for October, you would have to get fully enrolled then and be allowed to start your studies at Lincoln in February.
    - Application Deadline: May 15th
    - Start Lincoln semester (Mid February).

  • Are there any scholarships for the Lincoln Semester?
    Unfortunately there are no special scholarships for this program available any more. For getting information about other scholarships, please see Scholarships.

  • How many courses do I have to take at Lincoln University?
    You have to take 3 courses (10 Credits each) of a 600-level. Studying at Lincoln means that for each course you have to give several presentations and assignments plus an exam at the end. The classes take place each week for a few hours. There are no block seminars.

  • What kind of courses can I chose?
    The courses at Lincoln mostly focus on New Zealand.

    Here is a small selection:
  • Advanced Environmental Management Systems
  • Advanced International Rural Development
  • Animal Behaviour
  • Aspects of Sustainability
  • Current Issues in Biological Diversity
  • Development Economics
  • Economics in Environmental Policy
  • Principles of Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Studies in Wildlife Biology
  • Wildlife Management

  • Internship/ practical semester

    Master thesis

    How to register as a foreign student?