M.Agr.0093 Environmental Impact of Genetically Modified Plants (3 C/2 SWS)

Prof. S. Vidal, Department of Crop Science, Division of Agricultural Entomolgy


Student Workload
90h ( 30h contact time)

Type of instruction
Lecture (20 h ), Seminar ( 10 h)

one semester


Prof. S. Vidal

The module deals with the environmental and social impact of the cultivation of genetically modified plants. Genetically modified plants already under cultivation are described. The admission and regulation procedure as well as the methods of safety testing are presented.
Published results of the environmental impact of transgenic plants on non target organisms will be presented, discussed and evaluated.
In the seminar part students will introduce recent research projects results on transgenic plants and their impact on the eco system and discuss these in context with the topics of the lecture.

Knowledge of the basic principles of interactions between transgenic plants and the environment;
Knowledge of the admission and regulation procedures, long term observation programs, effect on the environment. Students will know the methods to test the potential side effects of transgenic plants on non target organisms, the regulatory network and safety regulations. Students will be able to develop and formulate scientific problems and critically evaluate testing methods by preparing a seminar presentation on recent research topics.

Exam requirements
Thorough knowledge of transgenic plants and their specific interactions with the
agroeco system; assessment of case studies; methods for the evaluation of the effect of
genetically modified plants on non target organisms; problems of acceptance by the society.,

Written examination-------45 minutes (67 %)
Seminar presentation-----20 minutes (33%)

Entrance requirements

Number of students