M.Cp.0013 Weeds and Herbicides/Applied Weed Science (6 C/4 SWS)

Dr. H.-H. Steinmann, Research Centre for Agriculture and Environment


Student Workload
180h ( 60h contact time)

Type of instruction
Lecture ( 20h ), Practical ( 20h ), Field Trips ( 20h )

one semester


Dr. H.-H. Steinmann

The module deals with practical aspects of weed biology and weed management strategies. The botanical weed characteristics will be presented in the field and in the greenhouse. The main weed species of Europe and their characteristics for identification will be studied. Weed management strategies in use today and difficulties in weed control will be shown and discussed on field trips. In the practical students will prepare a herbarium of weeds collected in the field.

Knowledge of the main weed species, their characteristics, ecology, competition and damage.
Students will be able to identify the main weed species. Understanding weed population dynamics.
Knowledge of possibilities and limitations of weed control. Knowledge of the mode of action of chemical and non chemical weed control. Students will be able to diagnose and explain weed problems in the field and develop problem solving competences.

Exam requirements
Basic knowledge of the main weed species and characteristics for identification. Knowledge
of the mode of action of the main control methods including examples. Ability to recognize weed
populations of respective crop production systems in the field and to develop control strategies.
Preparation of a herbarium.

Oral examination 20 minutes (67 %)
Project Work (33%)

Prerequisite for the exam
Participitation in the lectures, practical and field trips, preparation of the herbarium

Entrance requirements

Number of students