M.Forst.1606: Forestry in Germany (6 C, 4 SWS)

Learning outcome:
Understanding of forestry and related industries in Germany.

Courses and examinations
Forestry in Germany (Seminar, Excursion, 4 SWS)

Important aspects of German Forestry are introduced to foreign students interested in the forest management as practised in Germany as well as the wood-processing industry. Contents are forest management, silviculture, forest utilization, labor science and prozess technology, forest econmics, tree improvement and genetics, forest inventory and remote sensing (forest management inventories in Germany, the German National Forest Inventory, applications of remote sensing in forestry planning in Germany) The module provides a basic understanding of the forest management in Germany including actual trends and perspectives. It is strongly suggested for foreign students who are going to undertake their project in Germany (Project: 70130 "Managing sustainable forestry systems in Germany"). The module includes various excursions.

Oral presentation (ca. 15 minutes) with written outline (15 pages max.)

Prerequisite for examination:
Kenntnis der beschriebenen Lehrinhalte, Erreichung der festgelegten Lernziele und
Nachweis der angestrebten Kompetenzen.

Workload: 180 h (56/124 h, Attendance time/Self-study time)

180 h (56/124 h, Attendance time /Self-study time)

Admission requirements:

Recommended previous knowledge:


Person responsible for module:
Prof. Dr. Reiner Finkeldey

Course frequency:
Academic Term each summer semester

One semester

Number of repeat examinations permitted:
According to regulations

Recommended Semester:
First Semester

Maximum number of students: