M.INC.ECOL.609: Conservation Biology

Learning outcome:

An advanced study of the ecological, genetic and biogeographical principles underlying conservation biology and their application to conservation management issues.
Conservation Biology aims to provide students with an understanding of the ecological principles of conservation biology and nature conservation, and the application of these principles to conservation management. This is achieved by the production of a scientific paper, a popular article and scientific reviews and discussions of conservation issues.

Courses and examinations
1. Seminar: Conservation Biology
Presentation (ca 20 min)

Courses and examinations
2. Practical course: Production of a scientific paper
Scientific paper (max 15-20 p)

Courses and examinations
3. Practical course: Production of a popular article
Popular article (max 10 p)

Prerequisite for examination:
Students have the opportunity to analyze scientific data and write a scientific journal article and also practice writing for the “public” by preparing a “popular article” for a newspaper or magazine. Critiquing skills are also taught by reviewing scientific journal articles.

Admission requirements:

Recommended previous knowledge:


Person responsible for module:
Dr. G. Stewart

Course frequency:
Academic Term each winter semester

One semester

Number of repeat examinations permitted:

Recommended Semester:
First to third semester

Maximum number of students: