M.INC.MGMT.611: Management Research Methods

Learning outcome:

Management research methods with an emphasis on applications in primary production, independent research into problems.

To introduce postgraduate students with a desire to carry out research in farm, horticultural or viticulture management, or international rural development, to the research process and the range of research methods available to researchers. It is not intended that this course will provide any participant with all they need to know on any specific research technique. For that they are recommended to take the postgraduate paper dealing with that specific methodology. Further, it is intended to bring together all the students starting research in the Ag Management Department to establish a peer
group which will be aware of a range of research projects, approaches and methods, not just their own. The ultimate outcome of the course will be a viable research proposal for each student. It is also desired to build up an esprit de corps among the class which encourages class members to help and support each other during what is often a very lonely and difficult period while producing the dissertation or thesis required for their degree.

Courses and examinations
Subject Journal

Prerequisite for examination:
By the completion of MGMT 611 class members will have:

  • 1. Encountered a range of research methodologies and techniques, and their advantages and disadvantages, which will permit selection of an appropriate research strategy for a specific research question.
  • 2. Prepared a viable research proposal to meet the requirements of the programme that each individual class member is taking.
  • 3. Presented to their colleagues and staff a seminar embodying the research proposal to facilitate a rigorous critique before the actual research commences, with the objective of improving the proposed research.
  • 4. Developed a sound grasp of ethical research procedures and practice. 5. Been introduced to the issues likely to be encountered in cross-cultural research.

Admission requirements:

Recommended previous knowledge:


Person responsible for module:
Rupert Tipples

Course frequency:
Academic Term each winter semester

One semester

Number of repeat examinations permitted:

Recommended Semester:
First to third semester

Maximum number of students: