M.INC.SOCI.602: Social Science Research Methods (Qualitative)

Learning outcome:

The course will allow the student to examine critically and engage in a variety of qualitative methods of data collection and analysis used to conduct social research. You will learn these methods by doing a field study of one group or setting for the duration of the subject. We shall focus on the theory and techniques of intensive interviewing and participant observation by discussing students’ field notes in class, doing exercises in class, reading and discussing literature on qualitative methodology, and examining exemplars of qualitative research. In addition, we shall discuss the process of writing a social scientific report based on qualitative research. Anyone wishing to use qualitative social research methods in his or her thesis research should take this subject.Prescription: A study of the theory and practice of qualitative social scientific research. Special attention will be given to the theory and practice of participant observation, intensive interviewing, life histories, and document analysis.

Courses and examinations
1. Lecture: Social Science Research Methods (Qualitative)

Oral exam (ca 45 min) or written exam (180 min)

Courses and examinations
2. Seminar: Social Science Research Methods (Qualitative)

Written Essay (max 15-20 p)

Prerequisite for examination:

  • Theory and practice of qualitative social scientific research
  • theory and practice of participant observation
  • intensive interviewing
  • life histories
  • document analysis

Admission requirements:

Recommended previous knowledge:


Person responsible for module:
L. Hunt

Course frequency:
Academic Term each winter semester

One semester

Number of repeat examinations permitted:

Recommended Semester:
First to third semester

Maximum number of students: