Neue Veröffentlichungen in den Conference Proceedings der European Conference on Information Systems (ECIS) und Bled eConference

Der folgende Beitrag ist in den Conference Proceedings der ECIS 2017 erschienen:

  • Eickhoff, M. and Neuss, N. 2017. „Topic Modelling Methodology: Its Use in Information Systems and other Managerial Disciplines,“ in Proceedings of the 25th European Conference on Information Systems, Guimarães, Portugal, 5.-10. June, 2017.

    Abstract: Over the last decade, quantitative text mining approaches to content analysis have gained increasing traction within information systems research, and related fields, such as business administration. Recently, topic models, which are supposed to provide their user with an overview of themes being dis-cussed in documents, have gained popularity. However, while convenient tools for the creation of this model class exist, the evaluation of topic models poses significant challenges to their users. In this research, we investigate how questions of model validity and trustworthiness of presented analyses are addressed across disciplines. We accomplish this by providing a structured review of methodological approaches across the Financial Times 50 journal ranking. We identify 59 methodological research papers, 24 implementations of topic models, as well as 33 research papers using topic models in In-formation Systems (IS) research, and 29 papers using such models in other managerial disciplines. Results indicate a need for model implementations usable by a wider audience, as well as the need for more implementations of model validation techniques, and the need for a discussion about the theoretical foundations of topic modelling based research.

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