Neuer Beitrag auf der International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS) 2017

Das folgende Paper erscheint in den Conference Proceedings der ICIS 2017:

  • Eickhoff, M., Muntermann, J. and Weinrich, T. 2017. “What do FinTechs actually do? A Taxonomy of FinTech Business Models,” in Proceeding of the International Conference on Information Systems, Seoul, South Korea.

Abstract: FinTechs are companies that combine technological and financial attributes in their business models. In recent years, the rise of FinTechs has attracted much attention since they challenge incumbent financial service companies including the traditional banking model. In this paper, we aim to contribute to a better understanding of this phenomenon. Therefore, we develop a taxonomy of FinTech business models following a theoretically grounded and empirically validated approach for identifying and defining underlying business model elements. After developing our taxonomy, we use a clustering-based approach to identify business model archetypes on which to showcase our results, re-examine the assumptions made during taxonomy development, and validate the presented findings. Based on the gained insights, we discuss implications for research, practice and policy makers, as well as directions for future research.