Oliver Bock, M.A.

(wiss. Angestellter)

Curriculum Vitae
2001-2008 studies at Jena (English Literature, History, Philosophy) and Canterbury (UK; English & American Literature); since 2009 Adjunct instructor in English Literature, University of Erfurt


  • Miscellanea and editorial work in: Joachim Berger, Klaus-Jürgen Grün (eds.), Geheime
    Gesellschaft. Weimar und die deutsche Freimaurerei, (= Katalog zur Ausstellung der Stiftung
    Weimarer Klassik im Schiller-Museum Weimar 21. Juni bis 31. Dezember 2002), München

  • Conference Report: "Evolutionary Takes on Literature." (Conference Proceedings of "Telling
    Stories." Evolution and Literature -- The Evolution of Literature. Conference, Friedrich Schiller
    University of Jena, 22-24 May 2009.) In: JLTonline (21.12.2009) URL:

  • Review: "The Psychology of the Individual Reading for Pleasure." A Review of: Norman Holland, Literature and the Brain, Gainesville 2009. In: JLTonline (26.04.2011) URL:

Conference Talk
"Violent Reactions to Breaches of Promise in Anthony Trollope's Marriage Plots." University of Kent, School of English, Postgraduate Conference: harmakon: Literature and Violence, 20.05.2010.

Professional Memberships

  • Connotations Society for Critical Debate
  • Gesellschaft der Arno-Schmidt-Leser
  • The Trollope Society