Organizational Information


Students will be enrolled (matriculated) at the University of Göttingen for the entire duration of their four semesters of studies. During their stay at the University of Florence, students will also be enrolled at the University of Göttingen. However, students are only required to pay semester fees to the University of Göttingen during their two semesters in Göttingen. During their time at the University of Florence, students will be exempt from paying regular fees in Göttingen. Instead, a special reduced fee is applied, amounting to approx. 75 EUR per semester. Additionally, students are not required to pay regular tuition to Florence. Instead, students are required to pay only administrative fees.

General information for international applicants (postgraduate studies):

Health insurance

International welcome and orientation programme

Accomodation and arrival

What it is like to study in Göttingen as an international student?

Let John, Ana and the others tell you:

Video about studying at the Faculty of Business and Economics (Link to YouTube)

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