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Thomas Friedl

Thomas Friedl is the head of the Department Experimental Phycology and Culture Collection of Algae at the Göttingen University. His main interests are phylogeny and systematics of mainly terrestrial algae including cyanobacteria, assessing biodiversity of algae-dominated biofilms from unusual habitats using molecular methods as well as methods of isolation and long-term maintenance of algae in a culture collection.

Key expertise:
• Molecular Phylogeny and Evolution of Algae incl. Cyanobacteria
• Assessing algal microbial diversity and their functions using molecular (DNA barcoding)
• Systematics and Morphology of Algae incl. Cyanobacteria
• Organization of one of the worlwide largest service collection of living algal cultures

Selected publications:
Bhattacharya D., Friedl T. and Helms G. 2002. Vertical evolution and intragenic spread of lichen-fungal group I introns. – Journal of Molecular Evolution 55: 74-84.
Mikhailyuk T.I, Sluiman H.J., Massalski A., Mudimu O., Demchenko E.M., Kondratyuk S.Y. and Friedl T. 2008. New streptophyte green algae from terrestrial habitats and an assessment of the genus Interfilum (Klebsormidiophyceae, Streptophyta). Journal of Phycology 44: 1586-1603.
Müller J., Day J. G., Harding K., Hepperle D., Lorenz M. and Friedl T. 2007. Assessing genetic stability of a range of terrestrial microalgae after cryopreservation using amplified fragment length polymorphism (AFLP). American Journal of Botany 94: 799-808.
Rybalka N., Andersen R.A., Kostikov I., Mohr K.I., Massalski A., Olech M. and Friedl T. 2009. Testing for endemism, genotypic diversity and species concepts in Antarctic terrestrial microalgae of the Tribonemataceae (Stramenopiles, Xanthophyceae). Environmental Microbiology 11: 554 -565.
Suutari M., Majaneva M., Fewer D.P., Voirin B., Aiello A., Friedl T., Chiarello A.G. & Blomster J. 2010. Molecular evidence for a diverse green algal community growing in the hair of sloths. BMC Evolutionary Biology 10:86 (
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Thomas Friedl teaches the following course:
Biodiversity of pro- and eukaryotic soil microbial communities (together with R. Daniel)