Wednesday, 13 July 2022

18:00: Opening Lecture

Rainer Forst (Frankfurt a.M.): Noumenale Entfremdung. Gesellschaftskritik nach Kant und Marx

Be advised that the opening lecture will also be held as part of the regular lecture series of the Department of Philosophy. Since we want to reach out with the lecture to a larger audience (students and interested public in Göttingen), we asked Rainer Forst to give his talk in German.

Thursday, 14 July 2022


9:00–9:30        Welcome and Introduction


Derivation or Separation?

Non-Derivational Readings of Kant’s Legal Philosophy

9:30–10:45                  Christoph Horn (Bonn): "Legal and Political Normativity in Kant: Beyond Derivation and Separation"

10:45–11:00                – coffee break –

11:00-12:15                 Marcus Willaschek (Frankfurt a.M.): "Kant on Moral Universality and the Normative Foundations of Right"

Comment by Martin Sticker (Bristol)

12:15–14:00                – lunch break –


Derivational Readings of Kant’s Legal Philosophy

14:00–15:15                Sorin Baiasu (Keele): "Kant’s Right as Normatively Independent. Three Arguments Considered and Rejected"

Comment by Lara Scaglia (Kaliningrad)

15:30–16:45                Bernd Ludwig (Göttingen): "The Direct Route from the Categorical Imperative to the General Principle of Right"

Comment by Çağlar Çömez (Istanbul)

16:45–17:15                – coffee break –

17:15–18:30                Paul Guyer (Providence): "The Morality of Right. A Restatement"

Comment by Michael Gregory (Groningen)

19:00                           – dinner –


Friday, 15 July 2022

Tensions and Tangencies Between Right and Morality in Kant

Acting in the Grey Zone of Law and Morality

9:30–10:45                  Martin Brecher (Mannheim): "Wrong, but Permitted? Kant’s Notion of Permissive Law"

Comment by Jakob Huber (Frankfurt a.M.)

10:45–11:00                – coffee break –

11:00-12:15                Ralf Bader (Fribourg): "Morality, Legality, and Luck"

Comment by Marie Newhouse (Guildford)

12:15–14:00                – lunch break –


Sanctions and Coercion – A Problem for a Derivational Reading?

14:00–15:15                Kate Moran (Boston) & Jens Timmermann (St. Andrews): "Should Criminals Be Punished for Their Folly? On the Ethical Foundations of Kant’s Legal Philosophy"

Comment by Katja Stoppenbrink (Münster)

15:30–16:45                Philipp-Alexander Hirsch (Göttingen): "Legal Coercion as a Moral Problem? Kant on the Enforcement of Rights and the Limits of Autonomy"

Comment by Stefano Lo Re (St. Andrews)

16:45–17:15                – coffee break –

17:15–18:30                Arthur Ripstein (Toronto): "A Priori Intuition for the Concept of Right"

19.00                           – dinner –


Saturday, 16 July 2022

Systematic Potentials and Limit

What Freedom Is Required for Law?

9:30–10:45                  George Pavlakos (Glasgow): "(The Morality of) External Freedom: Relational, Non-Coercive and Fundamental"

Comment by Paola Romero (London)

10:45–11:00                – coffee break –

11:00–12:15                Japa Pallikkathayil (Pittsburgh): "What is External Freedom?"

Comment by Michael Gläser (Zürich)

12:15–14:00                – lunch break –

14:00–15:15                James P. Messina (New Orleans): "Two Conceptions of Freedom in Kant’s Political Philosophy"

Comment by Luigi Filieri (Pisa)

15:15–15:45                – coffee break –


Law and Morality in the Political Domain

15:45–17:00                Alice Pinheiro Walla (Bayreuth): "Bridging the Gap: Ethical and Juridical Duties in Case of Lacking Political Institutions"

Comment by Daniel Häuser (Berlin)


17:15–18:30                Katrin Flikschuh (London): "Exactitude and Indemonstrability in Kant's Doctrine of Right: On the Limits of Kant’s Legal Philosophy"

Sofie Møller (Frankfurt a.M.)

18:30                           Closing Remarks