Northern European Network for Wood Science and Engineering

Dear friends and colleagues,

the Northern European Network for Wood Science and Engineering started in 2004. After 17 successful meetings in 10 different partner countries, WSE has become a well-established platform for researchers from various fields of wood science and engineering.
We look forward to welcoming you in Goettingen for the occasion of the 18th meeting of the WSE!

18th Annual Meeting of the Northern European Network for Wood Science and Engineering (WSE 2022) 21-22 September 2022, Goettingen, Germany

During this year’s conference the network is directing its focus towards

‘Tackling the scarcity of resources in the wood industry under changing European forestry conditions’

Contributions towards the following focus areas are therefore particularly appreciated:

  • Potential winners and losers of climate change – changing composition of tree species in Northern European forests
  • Reversal of dominance – the effect of increasing hardwood volumes in the wood industry
  • Modification and preservation of Northern European grown hardwood species


    The aim of the network is to contribute to the optimization of the resources spent individually and by society in general on research projects within Wood Science and Engineering in the EFI NORD area. The goal is to coordinate Northern European research in this field by maintaining a network between senior researchers, PhD students, and industrial representatives. The network targets wood and wood-based products and their production and use in constructions.

    Established in 2004, the Northern European Network for Wood Science & Engineering currently involves 10 partner countries which are represented by their national coordinators: Erik Larnøy (Norway), Magnus Wålinder (Sweden), Marketta Sipi (Finland), Jaan Kers (Estonia), Bruno Andersons (Latvia), Emil Engelund Thybring (Denmark), Vaida Jonaitiene (Lithuania), Christian Brischke (Northern Germany), Dan Ridley-Ellis (Northern UK) and Bartłomiej Mazela (Poland).

Conference themes

  • Wood physics and mechanics
  • Wood protection and modification, durability
  • Wood engineering
  • Engineered wood products & composites
  • Application of wood-based materials

Pre-conference PhD workshop

A full-day PhD workshop for a maximum of 40 Masters and PhD students will be held on ‘Performance, potential, and limitations of European hardwoods’. Theoretical and practical lectures will be given with a focus on:

  • Quality grading of sawn hardwood
  • Chemical wood modification
  • Gluing and finger jointing
  • Outdoor performance testing

Call for abstracts

We encourage scientists and engineers, in particular early stage researchers (students and PhD students), to submit an extended abstract that cover the meeting's themes.

Abstracts should be sent to the conference secretariat by email:

As an alternative to an oral presentation, a poster can be submitted. Therefore, please indicate in your registration whether you would like to give an oral presentation or to display a poster.

Previous WSE conferences

2005 Honne, Norway

2006 Stockholm, Sweden

2007 Helsinki, Finland

2008 Riga, Latvia

2009 Copenhagen, Denmark

2010 Tallinn, Estonia

2011 Oslo, Norway

2012 Kaunas, Lithuania

2013 Hannover, Germany

2014 Edinburgh, United Kingdom

2015 Poznan, Poland

2016 Riga, Latvia

2017 Copenhagen, Denmark

2018 Tallinn, Estonia

2019 Lund, Sweden

2020 Helsinki, Finland (online conference)

2021 Kaunas, Lithuania