Electronic Commerce Systems

Type of course: Lecture
Course number: 800847
Semester: SS 2012
Max. # of participants: tbd.
Credits: 6 ECTS
Language: English

Record of achievement: Written report on e-commerce plan and oral presentation
Room: tbd.
Instructor: Prof. Robert C. Nickerson, Ph.D.

Prior Registration is required: Registration period ends on March 31st, 2012. For application, please send an email to Mirko Jan Zülch (mirko.zuelch@wiwi.uni-goettingen.de), indicating your name, student identification number, type of studies, semester and contact details.

This course examines the concepts, technology, and applications of electronic commerce, or e-commerce. Students are to work in teams of to plan an e-commerce site for a real or hypothetical business and implement the site using PrestaShop. Students are to present their plan and implementation in a written report and in an oral presentation using PowerPoint. Upon completing this course the student will be able to:

1. Explain the characteristics and functions of electronic commerce including mobile commerce.

2. Describe the process of developing electronic commerce sites and mobile commerce applications.

3. Implement an electronic commerce site using open source software.

4. Explain fundamental characteristics of electronic markets.

5. Describe common business models used in B2C and B2B electronic commerce.

6. Describe security and payment in electronic commerce including mobile commerce.

7. Describe the technology used in mobile commerce.

8. List common applications in mobile commerce.

9. Speculate on the future of electronic commerce.

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