Type of CourseColloquium
TermSummer term 2014

Muntermann, Jan, Prof. Dr.
Zülch, Mirko Jan, Dr.
Alic, Irina, Dr.
Sinanaj, Griselda, Dr.
Weinrich, Timo, M.Sc.

According to examination regulations for the Master's programs "Finance, Accounting and Taxes" and "Information Systems" students who write a master thesis are obliged to participate in a colloquium, additionally to their written thesis work. Students are obligated to hold a 20-minute presentation on the subject of their thesis which is followed by a discussion. If a student does not participate in the colloquium, the thesis will be graded with "not sufficient" (grade 5,0), according to the examination regulations for the Master's degree programs "Finance, Accounting and Taxes" and "economic computer science" § 8 para 1. The obligation to attend extends to all master students for master theses of the respective start cycle. Absence due to sickness must be documented by a medical certificate.

Dates for the colloquium will be agreed upon with the respective thesis supervisor.


 Master thesis (mandatory)