Type of CourseSeminar
TermSummer term 2014

Thursday, 09:00-14:00, single: 10.07.2014
Room: MZG/Blauer - 6.117
Tuesday, 18:00-20:00, single: 06.05.2014
Room: MZG/Blauer - 6.117
Wednesday, 09:00-18:00, single: 09.07.2014
Room: MZG/Blauer - 6.117

Wednesday, 10:00-12:00, Paper Submission: 25.06.2014

Muntermann, Jan, Prof. Dr.
Sinanaj, Griselda, Dr.
Weinrich, Timo, M.Sc.
Eickhoff, Matthias, Dr.

Course Language: German


Learning Objectives:

  • Understanding the role of IT and IT-driven innovations in today"s business environments.
  • Understanding how IT investment decisions can lead to innovations and increased business value.
  • Early recognizing business relevant IT-trends and accordingly initiating innovations within organisations.

Course content at a glance:

In this seminar the participants examine and discuss current and future trends in the area of management of information technology and IT-driven business innovation. For example trends in the area of IT project management, IT-based business models and design thinking. The students focus on highly relevant future topics in the field of IT management.

Subject area: t.b.d.


Presentation (20 min.) and a written seminar paper (approx. 15 pages).

Examination requirements:

Independent elaboration of a current topic, a written seminar paper and an oral presentation of the topic.

Prior knowledge recommended: Basic knowledge of Information Systems.

Prior Registration is required:

The registration period starts on January 24th 2014 and ends on February 28th 2014. For your application, please send an email to Timo Cziesla (, indicating your name, student identification number, type of studies, semester and contact details.


6th May 2014: Kick-Off-Meeting room 6.117 ("Blauer Turm") at 6.00pm

From 7th May 2014: Supervision of the seminar papers

Until 13th May 2014: Binding FlexNow registration

25th June 2014: Until 12.00am hand in of the seminar papers at the office 7.143

9th July 2014 and 10th July 2014: Presentation of the seminar papers room 6.117 ("Blauer Turm")