Type of CourseSeminar
TermSummer term 2015

Tuesday, 13:00-16:00, single: 02.06.2015
Room: MZG/Blauer - 6.117
Wednesday, 10:00-13:00, single: 03.06.2015
Room: MZG/Blauer - 6.117
Wednesday, 17:00-19:00, single: 15.04.2015
Room: ZHG - ZHG005

Monday, 09:00-12:00, Paper Submission: 25.05.2015

Muntermann, Jan, Prof. Dr.
Sinanaj, Griselda, Dr.
Weinrich, Timo, M.Sc.
Eickhoff, Matthias, Dr.

Course Language: German


Learning Objectives:

  • Understanding the role of IT and IT-driven innovations in today"s business environments.
  • Understanding how IT investment decisions can lead to innovations and increased business value.
  • Early recognizing business relevant IT-trends and accordingly initiating innovations within organisations.

Course content at a glance:

In this seminar the participants examine and discuss current and future trends in the area of management of information technology and IT-driven business innovation. For example trends in the area of IT project management, IT-based business models and design thinking. The students focus on highly relevant future topics in the field of IT management.

Subject area: will beannounced


Presentation (20 min.) and a written seminar paper (approx. 15 pages).

Examination requirements:

Independent elaboration of a current topic, a written seminar paper and an oral presentation of the topic.

Prior knowledge recommended: Basic knowledge of Information Systems.

Prior Registration is required:

The registration period starts on 01/05/2015 and ends on 01/31/2015. For your application, please send an email to Matthias Eickhoff (, indicating your name, student identification number, type of studies, semester and contact details.


Kick-Off: 15.04.2015, ZHG005, 5:00pm

From 16.04.2015: Supervision of the seminar papers

Until 17.04.2015: Binding FlexNow registration

26.05.2015: Until 12.00am hand in of the seminar papers at the office 7.143

02.06.2015 and 03.06.2015: Presentation of the seminar papers room 6.117 ("Blauer Turm")