Electronic Finance

Type of CourseSeminar
TermWinter term 2013/14

keine Angabe, 10:00-18:00, Block: 20.01.2014
Room: MZG/Blauer - 6.117
Tuesday, 18:00-20:00, single: 22.10.2013
Room: MZG/Blauer - 6.117

Thursday, -12:00, Paper Submission: 09.01.2014

Muntermann, Jan, Prof. Dr.
Zülch, Mirko Jan, Dr.
Sinanaj, Griselda, Dr.
Weinrich, Timo, M.Sc.

Course Language: German

Learning Objectives:

The subject of this seminar is the analysis of future challenges in the financial industry, which are mainly driven by the increasing diffusion and dissemination of information technology (IT). Under the heading "Electronic Finance" i.e., IT-driven changes in the financial industry are analyzed from an institutional, organizational, and strategic perspective. This seminar includes two main objects of research: (1) innovations in e-finance at the corporate and market level and (2) IT management in the financial industry.

(1) Innovations in e-finance at the corporate and market level
This topic deals with emerging IT-driven business models, decision making processes, market transformations, and related business and market innovations in the e-finance realm. As an example, the innovations within financial markets have greatly increased in recent years. Due to the developments in the IT, new financial products have arised and market infrastructures have changed significantly.

(2) IT management in the financial industry

This topic focuses on emerging IT management issues, which in particular dominate the agenda of top management in knowledge-intensive industries in general and in the financial services industry, specifically. Today, IT is the lifeblood of the globalized and interconnected financial markets and financial services industry. Especially in this area, business strategies and business processes heavily depend on IT, which means that the strategic management of IT is becoming a long-term issue for top management.


  • Presentation (approx. 30 minutes)
  • Paper (about 12 pages)

Examination requirements and evaluation:

Independent incorporation into a subject in the field of innovation in e-finance or IT management in the financial industry. Written and oral preparation of the topic and cross-topic discussions. The students are divided into groups consisting of two, in order to collaboratively work on a seminar topic. At the end of the course each group hands in a written seminar paper and presents their findings. The written paper is evaluated with 4 ECTS and the presentation is evaluated with 2 ECTS.

Recommended previous knowledge:

Compulsory module "Information and Communication Systems"

Prior registration is required:

Registration via online seminar space allocation: http://www.uni-goettingen.de/de/85033.html


  • 1.-22. June 2013: Registration
  • 22. October 2013, 6-8 pm: Kick-off event and allocation of topics (mandatory), Room 6.117
    (Blauer Turm, 6th Floor)
  • 9. January 2014, 12 am: Deadline for seminar work (mandatory)
  • 20. and 21. January 2014: Presentation of seminar papers (mandatory)